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About Us

About Us

The News Tribune

1950 South State Street

Tacoma, WA 98405-2817


The Paper

With a history dating to 1883, The News Tribune today is the second largest newspaper in the state of Washington. The signature distinction of The News Tribune is how thoroughly it dominates the local news market of Pierce County in both print and online. Seattle newspapers and television stations and digital media do not come close to The News Tribune’s status as the most authoritative source of local news.

The News Tribune excels in its coverage of local breaking news, major league and prep sports, and Washington’s statehouse. The paper is particularly noted for its strong sports coverage. Its photography staff is among the best in the region. And to tell the unique story of the South Puget Sound, The News Tribune also provides strong coverage of the military, Port of Tacoma, and outdoor recreation in the Northwest.

The News Tribune is owned by McClatchy, one of the nation’s leading media companies, headquartered in Sacramento, Calif.

Key Executives

News Tribune employees wear jeans and jerseys in support of local Goodwill organization.

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McClatchy News Ethics Policy

These ethical guidelines for McClatchy newsrooms outline the values and standards that guide our journalism. No policy can address every conflict that may arise in our day-to-day work. It’s the responsibility of each McClatchy journalist to use good judgment and confer with news managers if the answer to an ethical question is not completely clear.

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