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Another diabetes medicine recalled for having too much of a carcinogen


Two lots of Type 2 diabetes drug metformin made by Bayshore Pharmaceuticals have been recalled for having more carcinogen NDMA than the FDA’s acceptable daily allowance.

The lots were sold to wholesalers and distributors nationwide, Bayshore’s FDA-posted recall notice says, so many different retailers might be involved. This is a check-your-label-and-bottle situation.

Those bottles of Metformin Hydrochloride Extended-release tablets will say either they’re filled with 1,000 tablets, 500 mg strength, lot No. 18641; or, 100 tablets, 750 mg strength, lot No. 18657, in 100-count bottles. The expiration date for each lot is May 2021.

The FDA tested the 500 mg lot and Bayshore testing turned up the problem in the 750 mg lot. Several makers’ metformin have been recalled this year for too much NDMA (N-Nitrosodimethylamine).

Patients can keep taking the metformin until they come up with another treatment course in consultation with their doctor, pharmacist or medical professional.

Any problems resulting from taking the drug can be reported to the FDA either online or by requesting a form at 800-332-1088. Then, you can report to Bayshore at 877-372-6093.

For questions about the recall, call Qualanex at 888-504-2013.

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